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Behind our name lie the achievements of thriving companies with top-tier employees. We can serve as a dependable guide on your journey to success. We take pride in successful collaborations and believe that a sterling reputation is the finest business card.


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Welcome to the world of effective HR solutions!

Efficient and prompt provision of HR solutions

With an emphasis on individual approach, we save you time and alleviate the administrative burden, while ensuring the recruitment of qualified employees. Leveraging more than 50 sources for candidate search, we have successfully satisfied numerous clients and hundreds of applicants. With Parko Staff technologies, you no longer have to wait for work or employees. We aim to transform the trust you place in us into results that you will truly appreciate.


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Is it worth starting a business? These advantages could convince you!

Trends in employee benefits: What benefits are most attractive to job applicants?

Trends in employee benefits: What benefits are most attractive to job applicants?

Behind the scenes of our success

A team of enthusiastic HRists

When Parko Staff staffing agency was founded, it became clear to us that the success of the company relies on the people who comprise it. To fulfill our main objective, it was essential to bring together qualified individuals who could collectively create a prosperous venture.

The most significant investment we made was in the expertise and experience of each team member, which allows us to complement one another and function as a cohesive unit. The recruiting department's specialization and knowledge play a pivotal role in selecting top-notch employees.

We adhere to the principles of precision, timeliness, and delivering the required quality. Effective communication is of utmost importance to us, and when combined with process digitization, it enables us to meet the needs of both clients and candidates effectively.

Behind our name are the outcomes of successful companies with exceptional employees. We take pride in being a reliable guide on your path to success. Our successful collaborations and solid reputation serve as our best business card.

Team cohesion and cooperation serve as a guarantee for success on both ends.

You are already halfway to your goals

Our HR Agency

Parko Staff is your reliable partner for efficient human resources management. We are experts with a track record of successful companies thriving with quality employees under our belt. We will help you achieve your recruitment and personnel management goals. Thanks to our personalized approach and wide range of resources, you will find the right candidate for the position you're looking to fill. If you are a job seeker struggling to find the right opportunity, we will assist you in your career growth.

Tailored HR Services

We have extensive experience in recruitment processes, human resources consulting, candidate sourcing, and selection. Our process is tailored to the needs of our customers and clients. Successful collaborations and reputations are our best credentials.

Our focus is to provide exceptional personnel solutions for you. We prioritize quality and satisfaction above all. Our team of enthusiastic HR professionals is ready to provide you with tailor-made services.

In our offer, you will find comprehensive personnel services. We emphasize individualized attention and save your time. Throughout our existence, we have successfully catered to dozens of clients and hundreds of candidates thanks to our qualified staff and access to a vast pool of resources.

We offer solutions precisely tailored to your needs. Our service offerings include employee mediation, personnel leasing, recruitment processes, and sole proprietorship outsourcing. Additionally, we offer comprehensive services for foreign candidates, personnel consulting, and, if needed, assistance with accommodation, interpretation, or language training for candidates.

Benefits of Working with Us

HRM system Parko User

The Parko Staff-managed Parko User database brings a wide network of resources. We can provide everything necessary for mutual success. As a User, an employee has the ability to request advances, vacations, report absences, upload medical certificates, access pay slips, invoices, and other employer notices. As an Admin, an employer can export advance requests, check absences, approve vacations, verify employee data, send various notices, and surveys.

Own recruiting department

We search for potential candidates across a wide range of sources, including our internal database, making them immediately available. After successfully identifying potential candidates, we proceed with testing and evaluating them through a rigorous screening process. During this step, we uncover the strengths and weaknesses of applicants, which could be crucial for performing the job role. Employers also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a narrower selection of suitable candidates. The final step involves formalities, including medical examinations, occupational health and safety training, and signing necessary documents. Throughout the entire process, our coordinators and interpreters are available if needed.

Why Parko Staff?

We stand out with our professional approach to all clients. Our team of experienced and professional experts is ready to provide quality services and solutions. We are flexible and work with an individual approach, taking into account the needs of each client and customer. Our offering comprises a wide range of services, from which everyone can choose what suits them best. You will find everything in one place with us, relieving you of worries and administrative burdens. We utilize advanced technologies and platforms to improve our processes and streamline services.

The motto of our HR company is "reputation has no competition." We build strong trust with every client, aiming for absolute satisfaction. You can rely on us.

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If you are looking for comprehensive personnel services, rely on us. We are here to help you reach your potential and support the growth of your business. Contact us today and start collaborating with us.