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Personnel agency ParkoStaff provides comprehensive services, offering professional HR solutions for the European market. We have the capability to handle tasks of any size and complexity, including non-standard requirements. Our focus is on delivering results and achieving mutual success with our clients.


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We efficiently and promptly provide personalized solutions in the HR field.

With an emphasis on individual approach, we save you time and alleviate the administrative burden, while ensuring the recruitment of qualified employees. Leveraging more than 50 sources for candidate search, we have successfully satisfied numerous clients and hundreds of applicants. With Parko Staff technologies, you no longer have to wait for work or employees. We aim to transform the trust you place in us into results that you will truly appreciate.

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Are you about to sign an employment contract? Watch out for these details!

Are you about to sign an employment contract? Watch out for these details!

Personnel Agencies in the Job Market: How to Choose the Right One?

Personnel Agencies in the Job Market: How to Choose the Right One?

A team of enthusiastic HRists

When Parko Staff staffing agency was founded, it became clear to us that the success of the company relies on the people who comprise it. To fulfill our main objective, it was essential to bring together qualified individuals who could collectively create a prosperous venture. The most significant investment we made was in the expertise and experience of each team member, which allows us to complement one another and function as a cohesive unit. The recruiting department's specialization and knowledge play a pivotal role in selecting top-notch employees. We adhere to the principles of precision, timeliness, and delivering the required quality. Effective communication is of utmost importance to us, and when combined with process digitization, it enables us to meet the needs of both clients and candidates effectively. Behind our name are the outcomes of successful companies with exceptional employees. We take pride in being a reliable guide on your path to success. Our successful collaborations and solid reputation serve as our best business card. Team cohesion and cooperation serve as a guarantee for success on both ends.

You are already halfway towards achieving your goal.