Is it worth starting a business? These advantages could convince you!

Each type of employment relationship has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of full-time employment lies in its security, as employers are subject to labor laws. On the other hand, self-employment offers greater flexibility, particularly in terms of working hours. However, does being self-employed truly provide the freedom it promises?


One of the primary advantages of being self-employed is the potential for higher wages compared to full-time employment. This is mainly due to self-employed individuals being responsible for paying their own health and social insurance contributions. It also benefits employers.


If you work as a self-employed individual, your relationship with the company is more business-oriented, positioning you as a service provider. While each case is unique, it is generally true that you have greater control over your work schedule, including days off. Additionally, you have the option to work for multiple companies simultaneously. However, in cases of dependent work, where a superior-subordinate relationship exists, flexibility is replaced by predefined rules and agreements regarding working hours and performance.

Advance Payments 

Receiving advance payments is highly beneficial for self-employed individuals and can be considered an advantage of working for oneself. Different companies have varying rules regarding wage payments, so this benefit is not guaranteed in every case. However, some staffing agencies in the labor market do offer self-employed individuals the added value of advance payments.

Exemption from Levies 

When establishing a business for the first time, you are exempt from paying social insurance contributions for a period of 7-18 months, depending on the timing of business setup and the assessment of contribution obligations. However, it is important to note that health insurance payments are still required from the inception of the business.

Business Establishment and Cancellation

Starting a business nowadays can be a quick process accomplished in two ways. You can either do it independently or seek the assistance of a company like Úkon, s.r.o., which can set up your business while you wait. The application process typically takes only 15 minutes. Similarly, canceling or suspending a business can also be done swiftly.

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